Step 1: Read Membership Terms

  • I will be committed to coming to all meetings on time.
  • Applications for membership are accepted after attending two meetings. A $35.00 Application Fee is required. If accepted, membership dues are $35.00 per calendar quarter, due by the end of the first month of the quarter.
  • I understand that attendance is a requirement and if I am unable to attend a meeting I will send a substitute in my place. I will communicate this to the President.
  • Three (3) one-on-one meetings with a member of the group are required per calendar quarter.
  • I will pass a minimum of (3) referrals every calendar quarter or bring a guest to a meeting.
  • I am a professional in my field and will, at all times, conduct myself in a professional manner at all RING meetings and whenever representing RING in the community or at other events.
  • I will not advertise any goods and/or services that compete with another member.
  • I will follow-up with members who pass a referral to thank and update them.
  • I fully understand that if I do not adhere to any point of the above agreements, commitments and requirements that the board of officers reserves the right to cancel my membership at any time. Additionally, I understand that three (3) consecutive absences without notice in a calendar quarter constitute grounds for membership to be revoked.

Step 2: Complete Membership Application

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